Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2017
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Race Series
19 Nov 2017
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Time Adj
Team Type
Team Result
Team Pos
Team Number
Chester Chan Male Under 19Pascal's Triangle02:36:571804
Jack Patchell Male Under 19Pascal's Triangle02:36:571804
Philip Wehry Male Under 19#wedidn'tsignupforthis02:41:032803
Hugo Wehry Male Under 19#wedidn'tsignupforthis02:41:032803
William Russell+00:10:00Male Under 19WillyandHugh06:03:553801
Hugh Allum-Pearce+00:10:00Male Under 19WillyandHugh06:03:553801
Leon Adamus Boys Under 16Running Ladiez02:08:321722
Morten Kock Boys Under 16Running Ladiez02:08:321722
Lockie Peters+00:05:00Boys Under 16Lockie and Paul-Lou02:13:222717
Paul-Lou Bouchard+00:05:00Boys Under 16Lockie and Paul-Lou02:13:222717
Maxime Frossard Boys Under 16No Autograph02:16:533726
Clement Beylier Boys Under 16No Autograph02:16:533726
Ken Gordon Boys Under 16Speed Runners02:56:134701
Callum Henderson Boys Under 16Speed Runners02:56:134701
Sam Bradford Boys Under 16Mickey Rats03:25:415702
Jake Atherley Boys Under 16Mickey Rats03:25:415702
Adrian Guyon Boys Under 16AG-1103:41:296709
Aristide Gry Boys Under 16AG-1103:41:296709
Zhi Rong Maxx Pek Boys Under 16Maxxi and Loki05:19:507703
Hiu Lok Shum Boys Under 16Maxxi and Loki05:19:507703
Maximilian Smith Boys Under 14Domimaxtrix02:34:551631
Dominic Davidson Boys Under 14Domimaxtrix02:34:551631
Liam Henderson Boys Under 14Fast & Furious02:39:202612
James Gordon Boys Under 14Fast & Furious02:39:202612
Luke Morrow Boys Under 14Luke Morrow, Sebastian Sutch02:39:253615
Sebastian Sutch Boys Under 14Luke Morrow, Sebastian Sutch02:39:253615
Adrien Roy Boys Under 14The Untouchables02:52:234628
Nathan Ranivoharisoa Boys Under 14The Untouchables02:52:234628
Ross Harrison Boys Under 14Kitchee Boys02:53:445616
Benjamin Tandy Ortega Boys Under 14Kitchee Boys02:53:445616
Lefika Motiki Boys Under 14Speedsters 3.003:01:276622
Ethan Davies Boys Under 14Speedsters 3.003:01:276622
Blake Sutherland Boys Under 14Chicken Nuggets03:05:487617
Jack Davis Boys Under 14Chicken Nuggets03:05:487617
Jackson Flint Boys Under 14Legendary Pineapples03:08:388611
Noel Amate Boys Under 14Legendary Pineapples03:08:388611
Toby Manifold Boys Under 14The Batchelors03:08:439624
Sam Platt Boys Under 14The Batchelors03:08:439624
Matthew Jones Boys Under 14George & Jones03:14:2010619
George Maltas Boys Under 14George & Jones03:14:2010619
Beno Branch Boys Under 14Wii Fit Wanderers03:17:1111618
Alex Lake Boys Under 14Wii Fit Wanderers03:17:1111618
Harrison England-Brammer Boys Under 14Smokey Wokey03:26:1412638
Cameron Fox Boys Under 14Smokey Wokey03:26:1412638
Hugo Agung Falcon Adam Boys Under 14Sneaky Beaky Like03:28:1113623
Kershaun Anthony Mathew Boys Under 14Sneaky Beaky Like03:28:1113623
Bernard Adrian Lee Boys Under 14Racer03:33:1814639
Marvin Lau Boys Under 14Racer03:33:1814639
Damien Chevillard Boys Under 14FearNoMore03:40:5215614
Fynn Kloth Boys Under 14FearNoMore03:40:5215614
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