Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2018
25 Nov 2018

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First NameFirst NameTime AdjTeam TypeTeam Name隊伍名稱Team Time隊伍時間Team Pos隊伍名次Team NumberRemarks
Callum KendallCallum KendallMale Under 19Dumb & Dumber02:06:071804
Liam DohertyLiam DohertyMale Under 19Dumb & Dumber02:06:071804
Clancy SteainsClancy SteainsMale Under 19Mr Gilbert02:36:282803
Jack KerriganJack KerriganMale Under 19Mr Gilbert02:36:282803
Steven van TrooijenSteven van TrooijenMale Under 19Undertrained & Overconfident02:59:163806
Hugo WehryHugo WehryMale Under 19Undertrained & Overconfident02:59:163806
Raphael WongRaphael WongMale Under 19lacking of a better name03:16:194802
Leo WebbLeo WebbMale Under 19lacking of a better name03:16:194802
Maxime FrossardMaxime FrossardBoys Under 16No autograph01:58:491737
Clement BeylierClement BeylierBoys Under 16No autograph01:58:491737
Jules EllenaJules EllenaBoys Under 16Team'bappe02:12:022707
Adrian GuyonAdrian GuyonBoys Under 16Team'bappe02:12:022707
Ethan DaviesEthan DaviesBoys Under 16Speedsters 4.002:12:493710
Ken Bromley BoschKen Bromley BoschBoys Under 16Speedsters 4.002:12:493710
Maximilian SmithMaximilian SmithBoys Under 16Domimaxtrix02:35:594717
Dominic DavidsonDominic DavidsonBoys Under 16Domimaxtrix02:35:594717
Luke BriscoeLuke BriscoeBoys Under 16Tom & Jerry02:42:185704
Jack LarcombeJack LarcombeBoys Under 16Tom & Jerry02:42:185704
Matthew JonesMatthew JonesBoys Under 16George & Jones02:59:086714
George MaltasGeorge MaltasBoys Under 16George & Jones02:59:086714
Blake SutherlandBlake SutherlandBoys Under 16Chicken Nuggets03:00:247703
Jack DavisJack DavisBoys Under 16Chicken Nuggets03:00:247703
Stephen OkitaStephen OkitaBoys Under 16Sutch Okita03:01:178709
Sebastian SutchSebastian SutchBoys Under 16Sutch Okita03:01:178709
Jason PollockJason PollockBoys Under 16The Argonauts03:04:359708
Jason BlumenthalJason BlumenthalBoys Under 16The Argonauts03:04:359708
Beno BranchBeno BranchBoys Under 16Dos Mapaches03:10:1910720
Alex LakeAlex LakeBoys Under 16Dos Mapaches03:10:1910720
Jake AtherleyJake AtherleyBoys Under 16JJ70203:12:22
Harrison SquiresHarrison SquiresBoys Under 16Bread Takers03:26:3411706
Spencer TsangSpencer TsangBoys Under 16Bread Takers03:26:3411706
Jackson FlintJackson FlintBoys Under 16Piglets03:26:3912712
Noel AmateNoel AmateBoys Under 16Piglets03:26:3912712
Ray AbrahamRay AbrahamBoys Under 16CEEBS03:30:3213739
Hugo Agung Falc¾n AdamHugo Agung Falc¾n AdamBoys Under 16CEEBS03:30:3213739
Antoine DugaAntoine DugaBoys Under 16Les Kassos03:35:0414721
Hugo MarchandHugo MarchandBoys Under 16Les Kassos03:35:0414721
Ben JabalBen JabalBoys Under 16For the win03:39:3715705
Christopher QianChristopher QianBoys Under 16For the win03:39:3715705
Kieran PhuKieran PhuBoys Under 16Quantum03:45:4116736
Anton SiuAnton SiuBoys Under 16Quantum03:45:4116736
Aryan JainAryan JainBoys Under 16Second Is Nothing72703:53:38
Harry ArmisteadHarry ArmisteadBoys Under 16Tom and Harry04:27:0217732
Thomas CollingThomas CollingBoys Under 16Tom and Harry04:27:0217732
Joshua TangJoshua TangBoys Under 16Willy Wonka04:34:5118730
Xavier PoonXavier PoonBoys Under 16Willy Wonka04:34:5118730
Caleb PillayCaleb Pillay+01:20:00Boys Under 16KickboxingChipmunkJacuzzi04:38:5519733
Kevan KennerKevan Kenner+01:20:00Boys Under 16KickboxingChipmunkJacuzzi04:38:5519733
Noah Van TrooijenNoah Van TrooijenBoys Under 16Skittlederp73404:58:11
Romain HilaireRomain HilaireBoys Under 14Ren and Stimpy02:34:511606
Page 1 of 4 (162 items)