Polar Half Marathon Relay Challenge 2019
17 Mar 2019

Event Totals
GenderEnteredFinishersFastest TimeAverage Time

Category Totals
GenderCategoryEnteredFinishersFastest TimeAverage TimeSlowest Time
FemaleFemale Group of 105 years old131301:32:5001:54:1302:13:48
 Female Group of 135 years old111101:34:4901:55:1802:28:37
 Female Group of 60 years old1101:30:3801:30:3801:30:38
 Female Group of above 135 years old101001:31:4601:56:1302:27:39
MaleMale Group of 105 years old393901:09:0801:36:5802:03:57
 Male Group of 135 years old424201:12:4001:40:3102:09:34
 Male Group of 60 years old6601:13:2301:24:2501:40:25
 Male Group of above 135 years old424201:17:2301:40:5102:10:59
MixedMixed Group of 105 years old403901:18:4401:48:3302:11:28
 Mixed Group of 135 years old444401:25:5801:51:3702:30:04
 Mixed Group of 60 years old1101:22:2101:22:2101:22:21
 Mixed Group of above 135 years old303001:22:2601:53:1002:35:41