The North Face 2018
15 Dec 2018


Team time is calculated as sum of 3 best times, including at least one female
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
100KM Team1The north face team a44:55:163
100KM Team2TEAM GR-JD-Uglow-WAA-Salomon!45:43:045
100KM Team3Tph x fa runners46:19:405
100KM Team4Cosmoboys46:46:185
100KM Team5The north face team49:55:035
100KM Team6Asia trail x kin hang51:33:465
100KM Team7Tph x tg53:31:015
100KM Team8健行之友之友誼萬歲55:08:244
100KM Team9Trab dreamers62:34:434
100KM Team10Utc+863:29:513
100KM Team11Demon67:55:514
100KM Team12鬆腳谷70:02:413
100KM Team13山野群雄 x pro training70:04:034
100KM Team14West face75:41:253
100KM Team15I run union 75:54:134