Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2018
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Race Series
25 Nov 2018
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Time Adj
Team Type
Team Result
Team Pos
Team Number
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Nikki Leung Girls Under 14Haki 7804:30:2116608 
Ariel Wong Girls Under 14Haki 7804:30:2116608 
Scarlett Casey Girls Under 14Typhoon Scolly03:18:314609 
Molly Worthington Girls Under 14Typhoon Scolly03:18:314609 
Elin Alkas Girls Under 14Fly Girls04:32:1317612 
Tia Gregory Girls Under 14Fly Girls04:32:1317612 
Aurora Bolitho Girls Under 14HuffinÆ and PuffinÆ03:26:446613 
Catriona McCoig Girls Under 14HuffinÆ and PuffinÆ03:26:446613 
Vaibhav Bhoovarahan Boys Under 14The cronked albedos02:49:253614 
Finn Meecham Boys Under 14The cronked albedos02:49:253614 
Samuel Arosti Boys Under 14Yeetus Deletus03:51:329615 
George Wyatt Boys Under 14Yeetus Deletus03:51:329615 
Adam Scholar Boys Under 14Jacob Tsui and Adam Scholar03:52:1510616 
Jacob Tsui Boys Under 14Jacob Tsui and Adam Scholar03:52:1510616 
Asha Black Girls Under 14SnAB03:57:549617 
Soracha Boehm Girls Under 14SnAB03:57:549617 
Jessica Boa Girls Under 14Double Trouble03:21:575618 
Jessica Stapleton Girls Under 14Double Trouble03:21:575618 
Isabelle Mexted Girls Under 14SavBelles04:42:1219619 
Savanna Udall Girls Under 14SavBelles04:42:1219619 
Imogen Felton Girls Under 14The Chatterboxes04:11:1313620 
Caitlyn Harbottle Girls Under 14The Chatterboxes04:11:1313620 
Amelie Gibson Girls Under 14Team Double Trouble03:13:043621 
Amelie Thompson Girls Under 14Team Double Trouble03:13:043621 
Edan-Jia Ngo Boys Under 14Lewaza03:22:257622 
Michael Sullivan Boys Under 14Lewaza03:22:257622 
Pauline Courret Mixed Under 14Fast and French03:45:073623 
Jules Vaucelle Mixed Under 14Fast and French03:45:073623 
Annelise Jenks Girls Under 14DAD04:02:2310624 
Danielle Lin Girls Under 14DAD04:02:2310624 
Tyler Cresswell Boys Under 14Huskey03:55:1811625 
Kiet Kersten Boys Under 14Huskey03:55:1811625 
Victoire Beylier Girls Under 14Bleu Blanc Pink02:44:471626 
Lucie Frossard Girls Under 14Bleu Blanc Pink02:44:471626 
Kimmi Lynn Girls Under 14No Sympathy03:07:212627 
Abbie Rivers Girls Under 14No Sympathy03:07:212627 
Felix Hatherall Boys Under 14Two Fish Out of Water04:03:0513628 
Jem Wilson Boys Under 14Two Fish Out of Water04:03:0513628 
Thomas Leung Mixed Under 14Scrambled Legs02:56:101629 
Sienna Saunders Mixed Under 14Scrambled Legs02:56:101629 
Marie-Lou Martin Girls Under 14The Froggies04:09:0612630 
Bertille Voets Girls Under 14The Froggies04:09:0612630 
India Arkell Girls Under 14Top 2003:39:587631 
Elin Moberg Girls Under 14Top 2003:39:587631 
Declan Guinea Boys Under 14Sebastian and Declan02:37:182632 
Sebastian Mantoua Boys Under 14Sebastian and Declan02:37:182632 
Dylan Ellison Mixed Under 14Frickin' Chickens03:13:122633 
Rachel Sheary Mixed Under 14Frickin' Chickens03:13:122633 
Anna Jaeger Girls Under 14Team 9904:16:1815635 
Megan Lui Girls Under 14Team 9904:16:1815635 
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