Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2018
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25 Nov 2018
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First Name
Time Adj
Team Type
Team *
Team Result
Team Pos
Team Number
Alice Andrau Girls Under 16Alice & Fanny03:01:094722 
Fanny Vanlaeys Girls Under 16Alice & Fanny03:01:094722 
Victoire Beylier Girls Under 14Bleu Blanc Pink02:44:471626 
Lucie Frossard Girls Under 14Bleu Blanc Pink02:44:471626 
Harrison Squires Boys Under 16Bread Takers03:26:3411706 
Spencer Tsang Boys Under 16Bread Takers03:26:3411706 
Felix Mirus Boys Under 14Buff lad dads03:03:014605 
Andre Richardson Boys Under 14Buff lad dads03:03:014605 
Caitlin Ellis Girls Under 14Bushwhacked04:38:0518603 
Jessica Inkin Girls Under 14Bushwhacked04:38:0518603 
Ray Abraham Boys Under 16CEEBS03:30:3213739 
Hugo Agung Falc¾n Adam Boys Under 16CEEBS03:30:3213739 
Jack Davis Boys Under 16Chicken Nuggets03:00:247703 
Blake Sutherland Boys Under 16Chicken Nuggets03:00:247703 
Sela Caldwell Girls Under 16Cirque du Sore Legs03:43:388719 
Olivia Niemy Girls Under 16Cirque du Sore Legs03:43:388719 
Annelise Jenks Girls Under 14DAD04:02:2310624 
Danielle Lin Girls Under 14DAD04:02:2310624 
Thomas Hafner Boys Under 14Divergence03:18:076602 
Charles-Gautier Joly Boys Under 14Divergence03:18:076602 
Dominic Davidson Boys Under 16Domimaxtrix02:35:594717 
Maximilian Smith Boys Under 16Domimaxtrix02:35:594717 
Beno Branch Boys Under 16Dos Mapaches03:10:1910720 
Alex Lake Boys Under 16Dos Mapaches03:10:1910720 
Frederique Mol Girls Under 16Double Dutch04:27:0111725 
Giulia Wehry Girls Under 16Double Dutch04:27:0111725 
Jessica Boa Girls Under 14Double Trouble03:21:575618 
Jessica Stapleton Girls Under 14Double Trouble03:21:575618 
Liam Doherty Male Under 19Dumb & Dumber02:06:071804 
Callum Kendall Male Under 19Dumb & Dumber02:06:071804 
Emilie Grobe Girls Under 16EL03:46:349724 
Lily Sheary Girls Under 16EL03:46:349724 
Emeric Payer Boys Under 14Electroshock  60703:38:12
Chanan Ng Girls Under 16F.R.I.E.N.D.S.04:48:2813729 
Wai Yan Wan Girls Under 16F.R.I.E.N.D.S.04:48:2813729 
Vivienne Lee Girls Under 14Fardy Butt Wardy04:13:0614641 
Misha Whittle Girls Under 14Fardy Butt Wardy04:13:0614641 
Pauline Courret Mixed Under 14Fast and French03:45:073623 
Jules Vaucelle Mixed Under 14Fast and French03:45:073623 
David Haines Mixed Under 16Fatty Mctatty's  70103:00:28
Elin Alkas Girls Under 14Fly Girls04:32:1317612 
Tia Gregory Girls Under 14Fly Girls04:32:1317612 
Ben Jabal Boys Under 16For the win03:39:3715705 
Christopher Qian Boys Under 16For the win03:39:3715705 
Dylan Ellison Mixed Under 14Frickin' Chickens03:13:122633 
Rachel Sheary Mixed Under 14Frickin' Chickens03:13:122633 
Matthew Jones Boys Under 16George & Jones02:59:086714 
George Maltas Boys Under 16George & Jones02:59:086714 
Madeline Ellis Girls Under 16Girls Just Want to have Run02:58:453711 
Coleen Oxley Girls Under 16Girls Just Want to have Run02:58:453711 
Page 1 of 4 (162 items)

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