Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2018
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Race Series
25 Nov 2018
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First Name
Time Adj
Team Type
Team Result *
Team Pos
Team Number
Emeric Payer Boys Under 14Electroshock  60703:38:12
Rhys Stevenson Boys Under 14Rhys and Will  63702:46:19
David Haines Mixed Under 16Fatty Mctatty's  70103:00:28
Jake Atherley Boys Under 16JJ  70203:12:22
Aryan Jain Boys Under 16Second Is Nothing  72703:53:38
Noah Van Trooijen Boys Under 16Skittlederp  73404:58:11
Clement Beylier Boys Under 16No autograph01:58:491737 
Maxime Frossard Boys Under 16No autograph01:58:491737 
Liam Doherty Male Under 19Dumb & Dumber02:06:071804 
Callum Kendall Male Under 19Dumb & Dumber02:06:071804 
Jules Ellena Boys Under 16Team'bappe02:12:022707 
Adrian Guyon Boys Under 16Team'bappe02:12:022707 
Ken Bromley Bosch Boys Under 16Speedsters 4.002:12:493710 
Ethan Davies Boys Under 16Speedsters 4.002:12:493710 
Romain Hilaire Boys Under 14Ren and Stimpy02:34:511606 
Charlie Bear Volavka Boys Under 14Ren and Stimpy02:34:511606 
Dominic Davidson Boys Under 16Domimaxtrix02:35:594717 
Maximilian Smith Boys Under 16Domimaxtrix02:35:594717 
Jack Kerrigan Male Under 19Mr Gilbert02:36:282803 
Clancy Steains Male Under 19Mr Gilbert02:36:282803 
Declan Guinea Boys Under 14Sebastian and Declan02:37:182632 
Sebastian Mantoua Boys Under 14Sebastian and Declan02:37:182632 
Roos Laurijsen Mixed Under 19Poffertjes02:41:311805 
Philip Wehry Mixed Under 19Poffertjes02:41:311805 
Luke Briscoe Boys Under 16Tom & Jerry02:42:185704 
Jack Larcombe Boys Under 16Tom & Jerry02:42:185704 
Victoire Beylier Girls Under 14Bleu Blanc Pink02:44:471626 
Lucie Frossard Girls Under 14Bleu Blanc Pink02:44:471626 
Gabrielle Desilets Female Under 19Scrambled Legs02:46:451807 
Lison Guyon Female Under 19Scrambled Legs02:46:451807 
Sienna Bertamini Female Under 19SushiWushi02:47:272801 
Noelia Ypersiel Female Under 19SushiWushi02:47:272801 
Capucine Baniol Girls Under 16les fourmis02:47:521715 
Marion Leconte Girls Under 16les fourmis02:47:521715 
Vaibhav Bhoovarahan Boys Under 14The cronked albedos02:49:253614 
Finn Meecham Boys Under 14The cronked albedos02:49:253614 
Thomas Leung Mixed Under 14Scrambled Legs02:56:101629 
Sienna Saunders Mixed Under 14Scrambled Legs02:56:101629 
Juliette Cretot Girls Under 16Les IntrÚpides02:56:502713 
Alexia Loiseau Girls Under 16Les IntrÚpides02:56:502713 
Madeline Ellis Girls Under 16Girls Just Want to have Run02:58:453711 
Coleen Oxley Girls Under 16Girls Just Want to have Run02:58:453711 
Matthew Jones Boys Under 16George & Jones02:59:086714 
George Maltas Boys Under 16George & Jones02:59:086714 
Steven van Trooijen Male Under 19Undertrained & Overconfident02:59:163806 
Hugo Wehry Male Under 19Undertrained & Overconfident02:59:163806 
Jack Davis Boys Under 16Chicken Nuggets03:00:247703 
Blake Sutherland Boys Under 16Chicken Nuggets03:00:247703 
Alice Andrau Girls Under 16Alice & Fanny03:01:094722 
Fanny Vanlaeys Girls Under 16Alice & Fanny03:01:094722 
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