Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2016
20 Nov 2016

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Time AdjTeam Type
Team Name
Team Time
Team Pos
Team Number
Marcell MerényiMarcell MerényiMale Under 19Eros Pista02:20:101808
Csobán BaloghCsobán BaloghMale Under 19Eros Pista02:20:101808
Chester ChanChester ChanMale Under 19Pascal's Triangle02:24:072805
Charlie StewartCharlie StewartMale Under 19Pascal's Triangle02:24:072805
Hugo WehryHugo WehryMale Under 19Twinners02:40:383803
Philip WehryPhilip WehryMale Under 19Twinners02:40:383803
Edward WilliamsEdward WilliamsMale Under 19Edgo02:59:344802
Hugo LeonardHugo LeonardMale Under 19Edgo02:59:344802
Clancy SteainsClancy SteainsBoys Under 16The Lads02:19:441701
Mark RussellMark RussellBoys Under 16The Lads02:19:441701
James ScholarJames ScholarBoys Under 16Velocity 902:20:322711
Luke CrawfordLuke CrawfordBoys Under 16Velocity 902:20:322711
Findlay MayoFindlay MayoBoys Under 16Findlay & Loughlin02:21:173712
Loughlin DavidsonLoughlin DavidsonBoys Under 16Findlay & Loughlin02:21:173712
James DingleyJames DingleyBoys Under 16Will-i-Jam02:29:174707
William CheungWilliam CheungBoys Under 16Will-i-Jam02:29:174707
Otto SurmanOtto SurmanBoys Under 16Lantau Tigers02:36:315702
Leon AdamusLeon AdamusBoys Under 16Lantau Tigers02:36:315702
Harry ManifoldHarry ManifoldBoys Under 16Honey Badgers02:37:456717
Archibald DaviesArchibald DaviesBoys Under 16Honey Badgers02:37:456717
Elliot ToppingElliot ToppingBoys Under 16Me02:38:597719
Matthew ScholarMatthew ScholarBoys Under 16Me02:38:597719
Henry MooreHenry MooreBoys Under 16Cool Kids02:44:068708
Alexander KayAlexander KayBoys Under 16Cool Kids02:44:068708
Calum StevensonCalum StevensonBoys Under 16Calum and Michael02:48:089703
Michael TasMichael TasBoys Under 16Calum and Michael02:48:089703
Duncan GregorDuncan GregorBoys Under 16The Optimists02:55:4710723
Dolf HendriksenDolf HendriksenBoys Under 16The Optimists02:55:4710723
Kai LambonKai LambonBoys Under 16R2DK03:08:2011721
Dietrich von der LueheDietrich von der LueheBoys Under 16R2DK03:08:2011721
Kieran ChildsKieran ChildsBoys Under 16Dabbidy Dab Dab03:12:4212705
Lachlan TranLachlan TranBoys Under 16Dabbidy Dab Dab03:12:4212705
Clement BeylierClement BeylierBoys Under 14No Autograph02:18:391619
Maxime FrossardMaxime FrossardBoys Under 14No Autograph02:18:391619
Lockie PetersLockie PetersBoys Under 14Lockie Peters & Paul-Lou Bouchard02:18:552637
Paul-Lou BouchardPaul-Lou BouchardBoys Under 14Lockie Peters & Paul-Lou Bouchard02:18:552637
Adrian GuyonAdrian GuyonBoys Under 14Team Anonymous02:31:383627
Felix DesiletsFelix DesiletsBoys Under 14Team Anonymous02:31:383627
Taiki LynnTaiki LynnBoys Under 14Triggered Racers02:37:374612
Justin BrownJustin BrownBoys Under 14Triggered Racers02:37:374612
Gabriel KennishGabriel KennishBoys Under 14Brace yourself02:39:245607
Oscar StrandlundOscar StrandlundBoys Under 14Brace yourself02:39:245607
Matthew CheungMatthew CheungBoys Under 14M&M02:39:306630
Matthew FrankMatthew FrankBoys Under 14M&M02:39:306630
Mark WilsonMark WilsonBoys Under 14The Green Team02:42:077635
Myles RattiganMyles RattiganBoys Under 14The Green Team02:42:077635
Hayden BaileyHayden BaileyBoys Under 14Velocity02:56:328605
Max CernosiaMax CernosiaBoys Under 14Velocity02:56:328605
Tobey LedgerTobey LedgerBoys Under 14No Fear Here03:03:519611
Callum HendersonCallum HendersonBoys Under 14No Fear Here03:03:519611
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