Full solo results are not provided due to a data privacy request 完整個人成績因資料私隱要求以未能提供
1 Oct 2018
Team time is the time of the slowest team member. All team members must finish. 隊伍時間是隊員間最慢的時間。 所有隊員必須完成。
Team Category隊伍組別Team Pos隊伍名次Team Name隊伍名稱Team Time隊伍時間No. of members隊伍人數
Mixed Team1WAA 04:58:162
Mixed Team2Team Salomon05:03:172
Mixed Team3叮噹刨05:28:322
Mixed Team4豆花涼粉05:39:412
Mixed Team5Curry Rice06:01:312
Mixed Team6保持可愛肺青隊06:01:322
Mixed Team7#kitchancoaching06:05:172
Mixed Team8Mystery Runners06:16:552
Mixed Team9跑匀全世界06:17:002
Mixed Team10Wicky Gloria Livia06:30:022
Mixed Team11Pro Training 06:36:332
Mixed Team12feLINGVINlun06:40:272
Mixed Team13Panchitos06:44:182
Mixed Team14山鬪士06:57:532
Mixed Team15急症小薯07:02:132
Mixed Team16反艇07:02:552
Mixed Team17Team 2311107:20:422
Mixed Team18Deadlyslow07:22:362
Mixed Team19Phys07:24:262
Mixed Team20Sleepy Pandas 07:33:422
Mixed Team21怕咩姐07:38:502
Mixed Team22ASU07:45:302
Mixed Team23小白神獸07:55:042
Mixed Team24瘋瘋寶寶08:10:522
Mixed Team25EA2508:11:142
Mixed Team26川龍飲茶08:16:142
Mixed Team27山野小八08:17:162
Mixed Team28同魂08:20:402
Mixed Team29falalaa08:21:272
Mixed Team30黑旋風忍者08:25:322
Mixed Team312R08:39:042
Mixed Team32終點見!08:39:112
Mixed Team33五湖四海08:45:392
Mixed Team34T n T08:49:072
Mixed Team35上山下海08:49:362
Mixed Team36Snake pang08:57:212
Mixed Team37OJBK09:15:352
Mixed Team38佛系跑手09:21:272
Mixed Team39公主遇上貓09:33:282
Mixed Team40笑到格格聲09:44:162
Mixed Team41LWPLHT09:44:202
Mixed Team42Lighthouse09:58:522
Mixed Team43Black & White10:09:142
Mixed Team44Bun Bun 糖10:22:452
Mixed Team45周公的呼喚 上山的胖胖10:25:192
Mixed Team46HikeForFun10:34:522
Mixed Team47儍跑 Sa & Mad10:52:572