27th Green Power Hike For A Green Future 2020 - 10K
15 Feb 2020
Category組別Cat.Rank組別名次Team Name隊伍名稱Team Time隊伍時間No. of members隊員人數
10km TeamALL IN4
10km TeamAsk For More4
10km TeamBBC Team4
10km TeamCrocodile Dandies4
10km TeamFantastic 44
10km TeamFinance.hk4
10km TeamFour Seasons4
10km TeamGantastic4
10km TeamGenerali Green Power4
10km TeamGENPOWER4
10km TeamGRAB TEAM4
10km TeamGreen Banana4
10km TeamGREEN IS the BEST4
10km TeamGreen Shoots4
10km TeamH.E.A3
10km TeamHiking Crocs4
10km TeamKaden4
10km TeamKLA / ICOS - Team 14
10km TeamKLA ICOS Team 23
10km TeamKLA ICOS Team 34
10km TeamKLA ICOS Team 44
10km TeamKLA ICOS Team 54
10km TeamKLA ICOS Team 64
10km TeamKLA ICOS Team 74
10km TeamLacoste’s MAME4
10km TeamLG Beauty and Beast3
10km TeamLRC Team 33
10km TeamLRC Team 44
10km TeamLRC Team 54
10km TeamOldies4
10km TeamOMG Oh My GANT!3
10km TeamOur Lady Star of the Sea Choir4
10km TeamRed Hot Chili Steppers4
10km TeamRosewood Hotel Group 34
10km TeamSAM3
10km TeamSHKP J4
10km TeamSHKP K4
10km TeamSHKP L4
10km TeamShuttle 3.04
10km TeamTeam Salomon3
10km TeamThe Greenies4
10km TeamUrban Sports Croc3
10km TeamWalking JET3
10km Team衝衝子4
10km Team謙卑郊遊小隊 The Humble Walkers4
10km Team速龍小隊3