Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2018
25 Nov 2018

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First NameFirst NameTime AdjTeam Type
Team Name
Team Time
Team Pos
Team NumberRemarks
Maksim DucasseMaksim DucasseBoys Under 13Team No Fear02:05:521514
Raphael MacresyRaphael MacresyBoys Under 13Team No Fear02:05:521514
Tommaso VaccariTommaso VaccariBoys Under 13The Legends02:14:332509
Marcel HofstedeMarcel HofstedeBoys Under 13The Legends02:14:332509
Finn RobinsonFinn RobinsonBoys Under 13Fire Hydrants02:15:263532
Alexander NiemyAlexander NiemyBoys Under 13Fire Hydrants02:15:263532
Paul-Antoine JolyPaul-Antoine JolyBoys Under 13The Banana Squirrels02:19:574517
Theo DiazTheo DiazBoys Under 13The Banana Squirrels02:19:574517
Zac AnamZac AnamBoys Under 13Orange Justice02:29:335512
Byron DoughtyByron DoughtyBoys Under 13Orange Justice02:29:335512
James EllisJames EllisBoys Under 13Faster than your internet02:45:116511
Miles EllisMiles EllisBoys Under 13Faster than your internet02:45:116511
Jack SpeedJack SpeedBoys Under 13Speedy Pies02:49:067518
Kin Rong LeongKin Rong LeongBoys Under 13Speedy Pies02:49:067518
Adrien LoiseauAdrien LoiseauBoys Under 13Mountain Goats02:54:388563
HonorÚ VanderchmittHonorÚ VanderchmittBoys Under 13Mountain Goats02:54:388563
Treyson HamesTreyson HamesBoys Under 13Va Moose's02:59:209543
Kaden HamesKaden HamesBoys Under 13Va Moose's02:59:209543
Frederick SurmanFrederick SurmanBoys Under 13Venom03:04:3110520
James WadeJames WadeBoys Under 13Venom03:04:3110520
Joshua LedgerJoshua LedgerBoys Under 13Carn the Pear54103:06:05
Caleb AubertCaleb AubertBoys Under 13Team Awesome03:06:3611527
Edwin GustafssonEdwin GustafssonBoys Under 13Team Awesome03:06:3611527
Alexandre AlcalayAlexandre AlcalayBoys Under 13The Fast Snail03:07:2412534
Adam ChiuAdam ChiuBoys Under 13The Fast Snail03:07:2412534
Gleb PopkovGleb PopkovBoys Under 13Space Fighters03:19:4413537
Rafael LamRafael LamBoys Under 13Space Fighters03:19:4413537
Aidan SearleAidan SearleBoys Under 13CodeRed03:28:1414504
Max CharterisMax CharterisBoys Under 13CodeRed03:28:1414504
Kai RempelKai RempelBoys Under 13Noscopelammas03:32:0615560
Elias DanielssonElias DanielssonBoys Under 13Noscopelammas03:32:0615560
Mateus JowharshaMateus JowharshaBoys Under 13Team Orange Justice03:32:2016533
Ace DochertyAce DochertyBoys Under 13Team Orange Justice03:32:2016533
James CastleyJames CastleyBoys Under 13Double Trouble03:38:4317503
Liam HurleyLiam HurleyBoys Under 13Double Trouble03:38:4317503
Roman SantoroRoman SantoroBoys Under 13RomanXinyi04:19:0418542
Xinyi PiaoXinyi PiaoBoys Under 13RomanXinyi04:19:0418542
Jack PeeblesJack Peebles+00:10:00Boys Under 13York Pool Oxens04:28:5819538
James PeeblesJames Peebles+00:10:00Boys Under 13York Pool Oxens04:28:5819538
Shunto OshiroShunto OshiroBoys Under 13Ganba04:36:1320550
Shimpei OnoShimpei OnoBoys Under 13Ganba04:36:1320550
Cole ThomsonCole ThomsonBoys Under 12Thomson Twins02:13:031413
Kevin ThomsonKevin ThomsonBoys Under 12Thomson Twins02:13:031413
Eatson LinEatson LinBoys Under 12Sugar & Spice42802:13:04
Charlie SmartCharlie SmartBoys Under 12Team Extreme02:26:592480
Oliver SinclairOliver SinclairBoys Under 12Team Extreme02:26:592480
Luca KucherLuca KucherBoys Under 12Les Dragons02:35:113469
Jules MauffreyJules MauffreyBoys Under 12Les Dragons02:35:113469
Tom ChristmasTom ChristmasBoys Under 12Batman and Robin02:36:134444
Charlie WareCharlie WareBoys Under 12Batman and Robin02:36:134444
Page 1 of 6 (287 items)