HSBC Life Adventure Challenge 2019
17 Nov 2019

Final Results
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Penalty Time 罰時Team Type 隊伍類別Team Name
Team Time
Team Pos
Team Number 隊伍編號Remarks 備註
Clement BeylierClement BeylierMale Under 19No Autograph02:00:341805
Maxime FrossardMaxime FrossardMale Under 19No Autograph02:00:341805
Ferdinand RocherFerdinand RocherMale Under 19op402:56:242802
Thomas RobinsonThomas RobinsonMale Under 19op402:56:242802
Christopher QianChristopher QianMale Under 19Mooncake03:50:373810
Derrick HanDerrick HanMale Under 19Mooncake03:50:373810
Emeric PayerEmeric PayerBoys Under 16Joem02:30:031714
Ollivier-Cloud JosephOllivier-Cloud JosephBoys Under 16Joem02:30:031714
Riccardo ToccoRiccardo ToccoBoys Under 16PESCIOLINO02:34:292706
Tongfei ZhuTongfei ZhuBoys Under 16PESCIOLINO02:34:292706
Romain HilaireRomain HilaireBoys Under 16Ren and Stimpy02:36:353705
Charlie Bear VolavkaCharlie Bear VolavkaBoys Under 16Ren and Stimpy02:36:353705
Beau JonesBeau JonesBoys Under 16HariBo02:54:244601
Harry LowHarry LowBoys Under 16HariBo02:54:244601
Gabor EllenaGabor EllenaBoys Under 16PopyPop03:06:555719
Loic ChastanLoic ChastanBoys Under 16PopyPop03:06:555719
Noah LevifNoah LevifBoys Under 16Bald Eagles03:09:306725
Anton SiuAnton SiuBoys Under 16Bald Eagles03:09:306725
Jacob TsuiJacob TsuiBoys Under 16Adam & Jacob03:25:387709
Adam ScholarAdam ScholarBoys Under 16Adam & Jacob03:25:387709
Noel AmateNoel AmateBoys Under 16Should we get out03:27:398708
Clive TangClive TangBoys Under 16Should we get out03:27:398708
Leo BrownLeo BrownBoys Under 16skittlederp04:28:469720
Noah van TrooijenNoah van TrooijenBoys Under 16skittlederp04:28:469720
Edwin GustafssonEdwin GustafssonBoys Under 16Team Ironman04:49:4210701
Nicholas BoltonNicholas BoltonBoys Under 16Team Ironman04:49:4210701
Raphael MacresyRaphael MacresyBoys Under 14Catch Us if you can02:08:201610
Maksim DucasseMaksim DucasseBoys Under 14Catch Us if you can02:08:201610
Jules van RemoortereJules van RemoortereBoys Under 14Sacha & Jules02:58:442604
Alexander SlezackAlexander SlezackBoys Under 14Sacha & Jules02:58:442604
Jean-Alexis BourdonJean-Alexis BourdonBoys Under 14Hkascadeurs03:00:583627
Joseph MaheJoseph MaheBoys Under 14Hkascadeurs03:00:583627
Alexander NiemyAlexander NiemyBoys Under 14ItWasTim60303:16:14
Adrien LoiseauAdrien LoiseauBoys Under 14Blue Warriors03:18:204617
Honore VanderchmittHonore VanderchmittBoys Under 14Blue Warriors03:18:204617
Jack SpeedJack SpeedBoys Under 14Kingsman03:32:485611
James WadeJames WadeBoys Under 14Kingsman03:32:485611
Tomas Ng-BrettTomas Ng-BrettBoys Under 14Team No Fear03:58:376635
Haicheng LaiHaicheng LaiBoys Under 14Team No Fear03:58:376635
Ryota SakuraiRyota SakuraiBoys Under 14Decelerators04:13:067609
Gleb PopkovGleb PopkovBoys Under 14Decelerators04:13:067609
Joseph MarksJoseph MarksBoys Under 14KFC Escapees04:15:098613
Isaac ReidIsaac ReidBoys Under 14KFC Escapees04:15:098613
Shunto OshiroShunto OshiroBoys Under 14GANBA04:25:089625
Kohei YoshidaKohei YoshidaBoys Under 14GANBA04:25:089625
Jeffrey MaJeffrey MaBoys Under 14The Fearless Chickens04:38:5910626
Harry ClarkHarry ClarkBoys Under 14The Fearless Chickens04:38:5910626
Juliette CretotJuliette CretotFemale Under 19Les Intrepides03:02:051806
Alexia LoiseauAlexia LoiseauFemale Under 19Les Intrepides03:02:051806
Madeline EllisMadeline EllisFemale Under 19Oops We Did It Again04:05:472801
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